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Property & Real Estate

In recent years, certain property sectors in the UK have proved to be successful investments for overseas investors. The Isle of Man offers opportunities for tax efficient structuring of such investments and Fedelta is well-placed to help you make the most of them.

Whether it is the remarkable and sustained returns offered by the London market, residential and commercial properties across the rest of the UK or even niche markets such as student lets, the Isle of Man can prove to be an extremely attractive hub from which prospective non-UK domiciled owners can structure their property investment ownership. Although the solutions are as varied as the properties available, and every structure we build is bespoke, we can commonly help reduce exposure to Capital Gains Tax, Income Tax, Inheritance Tax (a tax most overseas investors are unaware that they are potentially exposed to) and Stamp Duty (on sale).

Yet Fedelta offers much more than tax efficient ownership solutions - our highly experienced team is within an hour’s flight of almost every corner of the UK and with our contacts, we can offer a seamless, complete and detailed service. From sourcing and purchasing or tenant negotiations, right through to arranging the fixing of a leaky tap, we can help ensure your at-distance ownership is, and remains, a stress-free and lucrative investment.

Click through to our information on specific property classes, or contact us today to discuss what Fedelta and the Isle of Man can offer you.

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